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Barco Residential

  High-end Cinema Projectors and LED Walls

Experience Ultimate Luxury: Barco’s Cinemascope and LED Innovations in Home Cinema - BMC Audio Visual

Discover the pinnacle of home theatre luxury with BMC Audio Visual's bespoke cinema installations, featuring Barco’s state-of-the-art projection and LED systems. Immerse yourself in the splendour of cinematic excellence with Barco’s Cinemascope projectors, offering an authentic widescreen experience that captures every cinematic nuance. Indulge in the superior visual quality of Barco’s premium projectors and LED displays, including the acclaimed Bragi Cinemascope, Balder and Njord series, complemented by the revolutionary TruePix LED lineup.

Explore the brilliance of Barco’s LED technology with the TruePix series, where innovation meets elegance, delivering an extraordinary home theatre experience with unmatched colour precision and image smoothness. The Bifrost and Valkyrie LED displays set the standard for high-resolution, vibrant imagery, ensuring that every frame is a visual masterpiece. With BMC's custom integration, each home theater is a unique sanctuary of entertainment, designed to offer an unparalleled private cinema experience.

BMC Audio Visual and Barco are at the forefront of home cinema design, crafting high-definition theatres that are more than just a viewing space but a destination for immersive storytelling. They merge advanced AV technology with tailored design to create luxury home theatres that redefine the art of cinema, providing an exclusive escape into the world of film with every detail meticulously crafted for the ultimate in-home entertainment.

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Luxury Home Cinema: The Ultimate Experience with Barco and BMC Audio Visual

The concept of luxury home cinema transcends mere entertainment; it represents the zenith of personal media enjoyment, where state-of-the-art technology merges with bespoke design to create an unparalleled viewing environment. BMC Audio Visual, in partnership with Barco, leads the industry in offering sophisticated home cinema solutions, notably through Barco's exclusive native Cinemascope content viewing capabilities, a unique feature in the market.

Barco Residential: Synonymous with Cinematic Excellence

Barco's storied history in projection technology has culminated in a line of residential projectors that epitomize luxury and performance. Known for their precision and quality, Barco projectors, including the revered Bragi Cinemascope, Balder, Njord, Freya and Nerthus models, have set the standard in high-end home cinemas, offering unmatched clarity, colour accuracy, and image fidelity.

Innovations in LED Technology: Barco's TruePix Series

Expanding beyond traditional projection, Barco has pioneered the LED range with its TruePix series, including the TruePix Bifrost and Valkyrie models. These LED solutions are designed with Barco's extensive experience in LED technology, offering a direct-view LED platform that redefines the indoor viewing experience with its superior colour gamut support, HDR capabilities, and seamless image processing.

Cinematic Technology for the Home

Barco’s innovations, such as the RealColor colour management system and Infinipix® image processing, ensure that every frame is a masterpiece of colour, brightness, and detail. The integration of these technologies into Barco’s projectors and LED displays facilitates a cinematic experience that rivals commercial theatres, with the added luxury of a personalized home setting.

Native Cinemascope: A Barco Signature

Barco's prowess in delivering native Cinemascope content allows viewers to enjoy films in their original widescreen format, just as the director intended. This feature, exclusive to Barco in the residential market, offers an immersive cinematic experience, with an expansive aspect ratio that enhances the visual impact of movies and media.

BMC Audio Visual: Expertise in Integration and Design

BMC Audio Visual leverages its expertise in the audio-visual domain to integrate Barco’s sophisticated projection and LED technologies into custom-designed home cinemas. This partnership ensures that clients receive a holistic service that encompasses design, installation, and calibration, resulting in a home cinema that is both technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing.

The Ultimate Home Cinema Experience

A luxury home cinema designed with Barco’s technology and implemented by BMC Audio Visual represents the pinnacle of home entertainment. This collaboration promises an immersive, high-quality viewing experience, tailor-made to the preferences and desires of the discerning homeowner, setting a new standard in luxury home cinemas.

Detailed Exploration of Barco’s Product Lineup

Delving deeper into Barco’s product range reveals a commitment to innovation and quality. Each model in the Bragi, Balder, and Njord series is designed with specific viewing environments in mind, ensuring optimal performance whether in a compact home office or a sprawling home theatre room.

Barco’s LED Innovation: A Closer Look at TruePix

The TruePix series by Barco represents a leap forward in LED display technology, with each model engineered to provide the clearest, most vibrant images possible. The Bifrost and Valkyrie models, with their advanced pixel pitch and image processing capabilities, are at the forefront of LED technology, offering a dynamic and lifelike viewing experience that is second to none.

Customer-Centric Solutions and Services

BMC Audio Visual’s approach to creating the ultimate home cinema experience is centred around the customer’s vision. From the initial design concept to the final installation touches, BMC ensures a service that is bespoke, comprehensive, and reflective of the client’s lifestyle and preferences.

Barco and BMC Audio Visual together redefine what it means to have a luxury home cinema. Their combined expertise and commitment to quality ensure that each home cinema is a sanctuary of technology, design, and cinematic artistry, offering an escape into the world of film that is as profound as it is personal.