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The most advanced video processor for the high-end home cinemas

madVR Envy: Elevating Home Theatre to Cinematic Mastery - BMC Audio Visual

madVR, renowned for its premium video processors like the Envy series, is a cornerstone of luxury home theatre systems, offering unmatched HDR and 4K upscaling. These processors are pivotal for achieving the ultimate cinematic experience in high-end home cinemas, delivering unparalleled image clarity and detail. For enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of home theatre luxury, madVR provides a transformative viewing experience, setting new standards in visual excellence.

The madVR Envy series, acclaimed for its advanced video processing capabilities, is designed for the discerning audiophile and cinephile who demands the best in home theatre technology. With features like dynamic tone mapping and meticulous colour calibration, the Envy series enhances the immersive quality of any film or digital content, ensuring a truly spectacular home cinema experience.

To experience the superior quality of madVR's video processors first hand, visit BMC Audio Visual Showroom. BMC Audio Visual is an authorised MadVR Specialist in Australia offering personalised demonstrations and consultations in our state-of-the-art showroom, allowing customers to witness the exceptional clarity and detail that madVR processors bring to luxury home theatres. For more information about the product and pricing, check out our website.

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madVR: Revolutionising Video in High-End Home Theatres

MadVR Labs stands at the forefront of video processing technology, revolutionizing the home theatre experience with the Envy MK2 Series. Designed for those who demand unparalleled video quality and cutting-edge features, the Envy MK2 Series is a true testament to innovation and meticulous engineering. Below, we delve into the rich array of features that set MadVR apart, offering an immersive viewing experience that is second to none.

Envy Series mk2: The Heart of Luxury Home Theatre

MadVR introduces the Envy MK2 Series, revolutionising home theatre video technology with unmatched video processing capabilities. Engineered for elite home theatres and media rooms, the Envy MK2 Series showcases a formidable upgrade in GPU power using Nvidia's latest technology, a redesigned cooling system, and premium components including ECC RAM for enhanced reliability.


Upgraded GPU Power: Nvidia 4080 GPU

The Envy Extreme MK2 is powered by the Nvidia 4080 GPU, offering a substantial performance boost—up to 100% over its predecessor. This upgrade not only enhances the overall efficiency and cooling performance but also provides the computational headroom necessary for running advanced video processing algorithms. This increased power allows for smoother playback and higher quality video upscaling, ensuring that even standard-definition content looks crisp and vibrant on 4K displays.

AI-Based Video Processing Algorithms

MadVR introduces several industry-first AI-based algorithms, including:

  • Dynamic Tone Mapping (DTM gen3): Optimizes each frame in real time for the best possible HDR experience.
  • Motion Compensated Multi-Frame Noise Reduction: Reduces video noise without compromising detail, resulting in cleaner and clearer images.
  • Motion Compensated Multi-Frame Super Resolution: Enhances the resolution of video content beyond its native quality, making it ideal for large-screen displays.
  • NGU Upscaling 2.0 and AI Chroma Upscaling: Together, these features improve the clarity and color accuracy of upscaled images, ensuring that every detail is sharp and vivid.

These AI-driven features not only elevate the visual quality but also ensure that the Envy MK2 can handle various content types, from fast-paced sports to cinematic films, with exceptional precision.

Recognised for “Best-In-Class” HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping

madVR Labs revolutionized dynamic frame-by-frame HDR tone mapping. Our patent-pending DTM 2.0 processes every frame in real-time, optimizing each pixel—up to half a billion pixels per second at 4K60. With exclusive Highlight Recovery, Contrast Recovery, and Shadow Detail Recovery, our images are so breath taking you'll be mesmerised instantly. Enjoy HDR movies and shows at home as they were meant to be seen, just as the director intended.

Introducing MotionAI: A Ground breaking Innovation by madVR Labs

MotionAI stands as the first and only AI-driven motion interpolation available in a standalone video processor. It offers unmatched enhancements in image clarity, stability, detail, and smooth motion handling, delivering a truly immersive and transformative video experience. Unlike traditional motion interpolation algorithms that may alter the original cinematic look and director's vision, MotionAI redefines motion handling by providing smoother motion while allowing you to maintain full control over the cinematic experience.

Lighting Fast Aspect Ratio Control & Advanced Non-Linear Stretch

Say goodbye to the pesky black bars while watching movies, Envy automatically identifies all aspect ratios and instantly adjusts the image to perfectly fit your screen, even when aspect ratios change during the movie, making madVR Envy a perfect companion for 16:9 aspect ratio projectors used with 2.35:1 Cinemascope screen. Allowing projectors from Sony and JVC to be seamlessly be used with Cinemascope projector screens without having to manually readjust the lens memory position every time a different aspect ratio is detected. With our patent-pending non-linear stretch (NLS+), Envy delivers the most immersive experience yet. NLS+ is the first system to merge vertical compression with horizontal expansion, ensuring your entire screen is filled, regardless of its aspect ratio or the content's. Eliminate those annoying black bars and enjoy sports like never before.

HDMI 2.1 Support and 8K Upscaling

The Envy Extreme features 8K HDMI 2.1 output with full 48Gbps HDCP 2.3 support, making it the first and only standalone video processor with these advanced capabilities. Our cutting-edge hardware platform, equipped with built-in software updates, guarantees lasting performance. Envy uniquely employs advanced AI to upscale sources to 4K, 5K, and even 8K, providing exceptional picture clarity.

Exceptionally Precise Calibrations

Envy offers highly precise calibrations with support for extensive 256-point 3D LUTs and 4,096-point 1D LUTs, maintaining measurement data and precision unlike other processors. This results in 16.7 million points of accuracy, compared to less than 5,000 points with others. Envy seamlessly integrates with calibration tools like ColourSpace, Calman, and more.

Redesigned Cooling System: Glacier X2

Understanding the need for efficient cooling in high-performance video processors, the Envy MK2 features the Glacier X2 cooling system. This system offers 50% more airflow compared to its predecessor and includes larger heat sinks on the GPU to enhance thermal performance. The strategic placement of high-end static pressure fans and an airflow director ensures optimal cooling while minimizing noise, making the system nearly inaudible even under heavy loads.

Premium Build Quality: Custom-Engineered Aluminium Case

The MadVR Envy MK2 is encased in a custom-engineered, all-aluminium case that not only looks elegant but also enhances durability. The meticulous design process included multiple prototyping and testing phases to ensure optimal thermal and acoustic properties. The sleek, modern aesthetic of the brushed-black anodized aluminium front panel is complemented by the MadVR logo and the "Every Pixel Counts" tagline, embodying the brand's commitment to quality.

User-Friendly Features and Premium Backlit Remote Control

The MK2 series is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a new premium backlit remote control that offers an ergonomic design and backlit buttons for easy operation in dark environments. The intuitive user interface ensures that settings and adjustments can be made swiftly and easily, making it accessible even for users who are not technically inclined.

Extended Warranty and Customer Support

MadVR stands behind the Envy MK2 with an unmatched five-year warranty on parts and labour, highlighting their confidence in the product's reliability and long-term performance. This commitment is further supported by responsive customer service, ensuring that users receive assistance and support whenever needed.

Future-Proofing and Expandability

The inclusion of state-of-the-art components and the ability to update firmware to accommodate new features means that the Envy MK2 is not just a purchase but an investment in the future of home cinema. This ensures that the system remains at the cutting edge of technology, providing value and top-tier performance for years to come.

The Essential Role of madVR in High-End Home Theatres

Integrating madVR's video processors into a high-end home theatre system ensures a premium viewing experience, marked by vivid colours, sharp details, and fluid motion. The madVR Envy series, with its superior processing power and calibration precision, has become essential for home theatre enthusiasts seeking to replicate a commercial cinema's visual fidelity in their private spaces.

For BMC Audio Visual customers, choosing madVR means opting for an unmatched level of quality and performance in home theatre technology, guaranteeing that each movie night is transformed into a spectacular cinematic event. This collaboration between BMC Audio Visual and madVR epitomizes the pinnacle of home theatre luxury, providing an immersive, high-definition viewing experience that stands unparalleled in the market.

In summary, madVR, particularly through its Envy series, represents the gold standard in video processing for luxury home cinemas and high-end home theatres. Its commitment to quality, combined with advanced technology and precise calibration capabilities, ensures an unrivalled cinematic experience. For a comprehensive exploration of madVR's impact on the luxury home cinema and high-end home theatre markets, visiting the official madVR website offers in-depth insights.

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