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Savant Home Automation

Smart Home for Modern Living

Savant Home Automation

Experience Smart Home Perfection with Savant Systems at BMC Audio Visual​, Melbourne

BMC Audio Visual introduces the Savant Systems, a leader in smart home technology, known for its comprehensive approach to home automation. Savant systems offer a seamless integration of lighting, blinds, climate, entertainment, gate access and security, all controlled via a single, intuitive app. This integration ensures that homeowners can manage their living environment effortlessly, enhancing both comfort and convenience.

Savant's commitment to innovation is evident in their smart home living solutions, designed for distinctive spaces and personalized to fit the unique way homeowners live. With features like Savant Scenes, users can set the mood for any occasion, controlling various aspects of their home environment with just a tap. Moreover, Savant’s advanced climate control and entertainment systems provide a luxurious, tailored experience, ensuring every moment at home is perfectly orchestrated.

At BMC Audio Visual, we are excited to offer Savant’s cutting-edge technology, which represents the pinnacle of smart home automation. By visiting our Melbourne showroom, customers can experience first hand the sophisticated and customisable solutions that Savant Home provides, allowing them to envision the endless possibilities for their own homes.

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Savant at BMC Audio Visual: Smart Home Automation Redefined

BMC Audio Visual proudly introduces Savant, a premier brand in smart home automation. Savant transforms living spaces into intelligent ecosystems, where convenience and control meet luxury and style. With Savant's advanced home automation systems, homeowners can manage lighting, climate, entertainment, and security through a single, intuitive app, redefining the concept of smart living.

Unparalleled Control and Integration

Savant stands out for its comprehensive approach to home automation, providing seamless control over your home's essential systems. Whether it's adjusting the lighting, setting the temperature, entertaining guests, or securing your property, Savant's sophisticated platform makes it effortless.

Customised for Your Lifestyle

Savant's strength lies in its customisation capabilities. Tailored to fit the unique contours of your life and home, Savant delivers solutions that cater to your specific needs. From elegant lighting scenes to immersive entertainment setups, Savant creates environments that reflect your preferences and desires.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Living

Savant Scenes: Craft the perfect ambience for any occasion with customizable scenes that automate multiple systems in unison.
Remote Access: Control and monitor your home from anywhere in the world, ensuring comfort, safety, and peace of mind.
Savant Pro Remote X2: A sleek, all-in-one device to manage your entertainment, lighting, and climate, redefining convenience.
Energy Efficiency: Intelligent climate and lighting controls not only provide comfort but also contribute to energy savings and sustainability.

Savant User Interface

Audio and Video Distribution Made Simple

Savant revolutionises home entertainment with its audio and video distribution capabilities, allowing you to stream high-definition content seamlessly throughout your home. This system supports the creation of different audio and video zones, offering flexible and high-quality media experiences in every room. Savant can further simplify the usage of complicated Music, AV systems and home theatre systems by replacing all pesky remote controllers with the Savant Pro Remote X2. BMC Audio Visual can program the remote to customise the user experience based on the client's unique requirements.

Savant IP Audio
Convenience and Security

Savant’s system offers unmatched convenience through its single-app interface, allowing easy management of your home’s systems. This not only simplifies the user experience but also streamlines daily routines.
Enhanced security is a significant advantage of the Savant system. Integrated security features ensure that your home is protected, offering surveillance, alarms, and real-time notifications to keep you informed and your property safe.

Single App Interface

The Savant app is designed for intuitive use, consolidating control of all your home’s smart features into a single, accessible platform. This eliminates the need to switch between different apps for various functions, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Savant Single App Interface

Smart Lighting for Modern Homes

A cutting-edge lighting solution that redefines convenience, comfort, and style. With intuitive control via the Savant app, you can effortlessly adjust your lights from anywhere, creating personalized scenes to complement any occasion or mood. Enjoy enhanced energy efficiency through advanced scheduling and automation features, helping you save on costs while reducing environmental impact. Seamlessly integrate Savant Smart Lighting with other smart home devices for a truly connected living experience, and harness the power of voice control with compatibility with popular voice assistants. With dynamic ambiance settings allowing for precise adjustments to brightness, colour temperature, and hue, Savant Smart Lighting brings a new level of sophistication and versatility to your home environment.
Savant Smart Lighting

Experience Savant at BMC Audio Visual

Visit the BMC Audio Visual showroom to experience the sophistication of Savant's smart home systems. Our team of Home Technology experts are dedicated to showcasing how Savant can enhance your lifestyle, offering personalised demonstrations and consultations. 

Here is a glimpse of how Savant Home can transform your day-to-day activities with a touch of a button.

Why BMC Audio Visual for Savant?

Choosing BMC Audio Visual for your Savant home automation solution brings a strategic advantage, especially when collaboration with architects, builders, and homeowners is essential during the design phase of a project. Here's an enhanced perspective on why BMC Audio Visual is the go-to partner:

  1. Expertise in Savant Systems: BMC Audio Visual specializes in high-end home automation solutions, with specific expertise in Savant systems. This means they not only understand the technicalities of the system but also how to optimize it for your unique needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient smart home environment.

  2. Comprehensive Integration: Savant systems are known for their ability to integrate seamlessly with a variety of home systems and devices, including lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security. BMC Audio Visual has the knowledge and experience to ensure that all components of your smart home work together harmoniously, providing you with a truly integrated system.

  3. Customized Solutions: Every home and homeowner is different. BMC Audio Visual excels in creating customized solutions that fit the specific requirements and preferences of each client. Whether you need a multi-room audio system, sophisticated climate control, or an integrated home theatre, they can tailor the Savant system to meet your needs.

  4. Quality and Reliability: When investing in a smart home system, reliability is key. BMC Audio Visual provides high-quality installations that are done right the first time, minimizing disruptions and ensuring that your system is dependable and consistent in performance.

  5. After-Sales Support: The relationship with BMC Audio Visual doesn’t end after installation. They offer excellent after-sales support, ensuring that any issues are resolved quickly and that your system continues to function optimally. This ongoing support is crucial for maintaining the longevity and effectiveness of your smart home system.

  6. Enhanced User Experience: Savant’s user interface is known for its intuitiveness and ease of use. BMC Audio Visual can help you get the most out of this interface, ensuring that controlling your smart home is a pleasure, not a chore. They can provide training and tips to make sure you are comfortable and proficient with your system.

  7. Collaborative Design Phase Integration: Crucially, BMC Audio Visual excels in collaborating with architects, builders, and homeowners during the design phase. This proactive involvement ensures that the home automation system is integrated into the architectural and construction plans from the outset, leading to a seamless and cost-effective installation. By addressing potential challenges early, they prevent costly modifications and retrofits, ensuring that the smart home technology complements the home’s design and functionality.

 Discover the future of smart living today with Savant at BMC Audio Visual. Explore the endless possibilities of home automation and how it can elevate your daily life to extraordinary levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Savant provides a premium home automation experience, integrating various home systems like lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security into a single, user-friendly platform.

Savant stands out for its luxury interface, personalized scenes and schedules, and seamless integration of various home systems, providing an elevated smart home experience.

Savant integrates audio and video systems, allowing users to control their home entertainment setup, including multi-room audio and home theater systems, from a single app.

Yes, the Savant app allows users to control their home automation system from anywhere, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Savant integrates with home security systems, offering features like surveillance camera management, alarm systems, and access control for enhanced security.

Savant's smart climate control and lighting systems can improve energy efficiency, helping to manage and reduce energy consumption in the home.

Yes, Savant systems are highly customizable, designed to fit the specific needs and preferences of each homeowner, ensuring a tailored smart home experience.

Contacting a certified Savant installer, such as BMC Audio Visual, is the best way to begin. They can assess your home's needs and design a customized Savant system that fits your lifestyle.

Installing a Savant system begins with a detailed consultation to understand your specific needs and preferences. BMC Audio Visual dedicates significant time to the design phase, ensuring that every aspect of the Savant system is tailored to enhance your lifestyle and integrate seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics. This process involves assessing the layout of your home, selecting compatible devices, and planning the installation to ensure that the system is both functional and intuitive. The goal is to create a personalized smart home solution that offers convenience, luxury, and efficiency, perfectly aligned with your daily routines and activities.