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[Valencia] Naples - Prestige D-Box

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Naples - Elegance D-Box

Naples - Elegance D-Box Valencia
Valencia Seating
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Valencia D-BOX Haptic+ Naples Elegance Home Cinema Chair

$ 15890.0 $ 15889.99 AUD seat 15,889.99


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  • Hand crafted armrest made using traditional Italian artisanal methods.
  • Access a library of over 2500 titles including the biggest blockbusters to have the best 4D motion experience.
  • Proprietary Black Diamond Piano Black Lacquer manufacturing process that produces the deepest possible mirror like piano black finish.
  • Experience movies like never before with G5 Actuators: sync, pulsate, and feel the on-screen action, turning your home theater into a symphony of sensations.
  • 100% covered in high-quality Raven Parisian Velour.
  • Lined with Parisian Velour Piping.
  • Low-Profile Backrest.
  • Precisely carved, bespoke cup holder.
  • LED Ambient Base Lighting.
  • USB Charging Port and Control Panel located on the side of the armrest.
  • Complementary Tray Table and Premium White Glove Service Available in Victoria, Queensland and NSW Areas


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